Draw supply networks on a world map

In eVSM v10 we introduced a new supply network mapping stencil, which lets you visualize and play “what-if” games to help improve the cost and lead time aspects of the network.

One really interesting thing about the stencil is it was designed for drawing over a world map:

That world map is available for use in any quick stencil or wizard, or any map you want to draw i

n Visio using our shapes.  To get it, open the eVSM v10.xx stencil on the left-hand side of eVSM, and drag out the 'World Map' shape.  You can position it where you want to.

Then you can mask off the area you don't want to see by dragging out a 'Map Selector' shape from the same stencil, and positioning it over the area you DO want to see.  Then right-click the selector shape and click 'Mask', which will mask off the part you don't want to see, and lock the shapes down so you don't accidentally select/move them later when you're drawing (you can unlock it by right-clicking on the page and un-checking 'Lock Map Layer').

We've also provided the 'Map Locator' shape, in the same stencil.  When you drag that onto the page, you'll be prompted for the location you want the locator on.  eVSM then does a web call to Google to geolocate that point into latitude/longitude coordinates, and position it correctly on the map for you:

Since this is agnostic of any particular stencil, you can consider this as a power-up for Visio.  At the very least you can use it for some great supply chain visualization:

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