eLeanor - The eVSM Learning and Certification System

eLeanor is an interactive eLearning product for the eVSM Software. It provides a library of learning materials including movies, hands-on exercises, and quizzes. The content is organized into skills. Completion of skills wins you awards (bronze, silver, gold) and certification.   

See video: First Usage of Eleanor

eLeanor eVSM learning and certification site, interactive eLearning product for the eVSM Software. Getting started with eLeanor video.

Pre-requisites for eLeanor:

  1. eVSM Software (v9 or later)
  2. User account at evsm.com. (Login or create a new account here)

To use eLeanor:

  1. Watch the eLeanor Videos. Also see eLeanor setup cheatsheet.
  2. Choose a skill to be certified in (See My Skills)
  3. Use your gradebook to check progress and access related courses (See My Gradebook)
  4. Make sure you have a good eLeanor environment (1366x768 screen resolution minimum recommended and a computer mouse with scroll wheel)
  5. Take each course by downloading on your PC and opening in eVSM

Refresher Training

The Tutorials page provides map examples and step by step actions to create simple maps

The toolbar function reference manual can be downloaded here.

Help for Previous Versions

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