eVSM Editions - Standard and Mix

The eVSM software has two editions: eVSM Standard and eVSM Mix.

eVSM Standard


eVSM Standard is a set of value stream map drawing, analysis, and improvement tools.  It comprises a set of software applications for Lean built over the last 20 years, with direction from the large lean community that we serve. Primary applications include eLearning support for anytime/anywhere deployment.

The software is designed to let you draw maps tailored to different industries, with automatically-generated calculations, charts, and visual gadgets included.  These visual maps can then be discussed to come up with ideas for improvement, which you can then manage within the software.  Also included are extra tools for designing value stream elements (inventory sizing, changeover process design, etc..)

The eVSM Standard software is licensed at single user, division or company levels.

eVSM Mix


eVSM Mix includes all the eVSM Standard applications and a growing additional set based on the NEW value stream MIX modeling engine. It's a new architecture that supports:

  • Mixed Model Production as the norm in many facilities
  • Easy availability of Lean tools at simple and detailed levels to anyone in the enterprise
  • Collaborative continuous improvement and innovation

Traditional value stream mapping of mixed model lines requires 'averaging' of product's demand, cycle times, and routines, which makes maps difficult to create and difficult to analyze.

With v11, eVSM Mix adds a Quick MIX Mfg application for Mixed Model plant production. Applications built on the Quick Mix engine eliminate the need for averaging, and give you easy-to-understand maps you can use to improve your value streams.

The benefits of the MIX engine can be summarized as:


Upcoming additional applications in the short term for eVSM Mix include Quick Mix Processing (food and chemicals) and Quick Mix Supply Network.

eVSM Mix can be licensed at division or company levels. It is not available at single user level other than for evaluation purposes.

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