eVSM Mix Introduction


eVSM Mix's new engine provides the tools needed to value stream map and improve mixed model production environments. It includes all the capability of the eVSM software, and adds the following advantages to applications built with the new Mix engine:

  • removes averaging of product demands
  • removes averaging of cycle times across products (so called weighted average cycle times)
  • removes averaging of routings across products

By removing so much averaging, eVSM Mix makes data input easier, makes analytics better, and maps more useful to SEE the value stream and improve it. Its a must-have for those involved in mixed model production.



This is a presentation in PPT format that provides a brief introduction to eVSM Mix.



A two page printable techsheet in PDF format which highlights the main concepts supported by Mix with an annotated example map.


Case Study

Case Study around medical products includes current state, and a future state plan.


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