eVSM Mix Introduction


Mix In Action

Click here to access a 15 min video that shows a mix map being created live with supporting Q & A

Benefits of eVSM Mix 

  • You can with eVSM Mix digitally capture and analyze the value stream map for mixed model production, without all the normal pre-work, averaging, and assumptions to create a single representative product
  • You don't have to create separate maps for each main product in the Mix . This is much simpler and helps with understanding the capacity of shared resources.
  • You can get higher productivity and better improvement ideas from the VSM events through the calculated lean metrics and visuals.
  • You can better share the value stream map
  • You don't have to start the VSM activity from scratch each time because you can update the maps

Using Mix at a VSM Event - A simple scenario 

  • Lets say a typical VSM event runs 3 days with 5 people, it would cost a minimum $500 per person day or $7,500 total .
  • Lets say Digital capture saves a minimum a half day in calculations (these sometimes are not even done because they are so tedious) - a savings of $1250 per event
  • The capture and analytics will lead to better improvement ideas and this would be the major benefit of the effort. Lets say its at least as much as the productivity savings (another $1250 per event). It could easily be one or two orders of magnitude greater.
  • If the event is repeated for each value stream once every year, then lets say there is at least a couple of hours savings from having an existing map ($625 per event)

So in this simple scenario, even with very conservative assumptions, you would save a minimum $3125 per VSM event.  

Cost of eVSM Mix Software

eVSM Mix is sold as an affordable annual license at a division or company level. The annual cost is $995 + Total number of employees . The Software comes with eLearning access for anytime/anywhere deployment. Includes updates and technical support also.

To help avoid avoid license abuse (usage outside the division or company licensing the software), we also place an upper limit on the number of users and this is calculated as Annual Fee/200. In practice for most companies this provides for plenty of licenses and often 3X more than is needed so the limit is not an issue. Extra licenses can be leveraged by those learning the lean methodology, those collecting data for VSM events and those wanting to do simple what-if's on maps that have been already created.

Usage and administration of the eVSM Mix Software

The licensing program generally provides sufficient licenses for those managing value streams, those helping to capture the maps, and others, like green belts, learning the lean methodology. License deployment and administration is simplified by a single activation key and web-based administration panel



A two page printable techsheet in PDF format which highlights the main concepts supported by Mix with an annotated example map.


Case Study - Medical Equipment

Case Study around medical products includes current state, and a future state plan.


Case Study - Engine Block Casting

Current state value stream map for engine block casting,


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