Manufacturing Critical-path Time (MCT)

The MCT (manufacturing critical path time) metric was originated by Rajan Suri and his colleagues at the Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) center at the University of Madison. eVSM started supporting MCT several years ago at the recommendation of our partner, Peter Jahn who is a founder of QRM Denmark. 

The QRM center had published a fairly complex MCT calculation several years ago but in Rajan Suri's recent publication, the "MCT Quick Reference Guide", he has advocated a pragmatic simpler approach using gray/white space for the MCT map. eVSM supports this approach with the Quick MCT stencil. MCT and value stream mapping can be complementary approach's such that the simple MCT map can be used for a high level map with VSM for detailed areas to focus on. 

The eVSM software has advanced VSM tools (with lead time, capacity and cost metrics) for manufacturing and transactional that can be used standalone or in conjunction with a high level MCT map. Examples of these maps are shown below:

Quick Manufacturing Quick Transactional


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