eVSM Software plus eLeanor - New License



This product kit includes a full license of the eVSM Software, including 1 year of maintenance (upgrades and technical support), and a 1 year subscription to eLeanor.

eVSM Software - New License

eVSM allows easy capture of a wall VSM (value stream map) into electronic format for sharing, fast visual analysis of the waste, and focused selection of improvement ideas through what-if analysis. It has unique capability and a set of wizards to simplify VSM related calculations for each industry/VSM type.

Pre-requisites: Microsoft Visio 2010, 2013, 2016 (Standard or Professional, 32 or 64 bit), Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013, 2016  (32 or 64 bit), Windows Win7, Win8, or Win10 (32 or 64 bit)

Price includes a 1 year renewable maintenance agreement to provide upgrades and technical support. One license per computer. Download only.

eLeanor License

eLeanor is the new eLearning product for using eVSM. Training can now be taken without an instructor, as eLeanor is equipped with interactive quizzes and mapping exercises to help you get the most out of eVSM. It is the most engaging and cost-effective way to achieve proficiency while using the software, as well as earning formal certification. The eLeanor license is active for one year, and must be renewed for further use, and can only be used by a single user.

Pre-requisites: eVSM Version 9 or later

List price: $547.00
Price: $495.00

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