David G. Hollinger - CPIM, CSCP, EA, Six Sigma Greenbelt

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How do we know David ?

We first came across David on our support lines and soon learned to pay close attention to the maps, questions, and improvement suggestions he sends us. His feedback has always been professional and thorough and he is a power user of eVSM and for each of the main applications that eVSM provides. He became one of the first users of the recently released supply network application in eVSM. Many enhancements in the software originate with his insight.

In speaking with him, what's more impressive than his knowledge of the software and his knowledge of manufacturing and improvement methodologies overall, is his ability to to visualize and solve clients problems. A testament to the sheer number of problems in this space that he has solved in the past.

David's Background & Services

David G. Hollinger is a manufacturing expert in the areas of supply chain management, lean and flow manufacturing techniques, system implementation, and change management.  Mr. Hollinger has led manufacturing projects in the US, Canada, and the UK. 

With particularly broad experience in all phases of business, Mr. Hollinger has specialized in small to medium size businesses, involving discrete and process production.  As a manufacturing consultant, he has implemented MRP II & ERP systems in over 45 companies.  He has introduced Lean Manufacturing and ERP/MRP techniques to many companies, and spoke on “ERP & Lean Systems” at the Lean Mfg Seminar. 

Currently, he works with small to medium size companies, helping them improve profits and productivity using a variety of “Learn – Do” classes.  He has taught at several local colleges, and is a certified APICS Instructor for CPIM & CSCP courses.

Mr. Hollinger studied Electrical Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology.  He has been a member and held APICS CPIM certification since 1990.  He has a lean certificate from NIST, NJMEP, & DVIRC.  He obtained a Six Sigma Greenbelt certification in 2004.  He is also an APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), and is a certified APICS Master Instructor for both CPIM & CSCP.

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