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Two decades of experience sparked by the Lean Enterprise Institute’s workbooks. Now see how eVSM enables you to take your continuous improvement to the next level

The lean toolkit for value stream mapping, analysis, and design

Lean design toolkit specialized for handling mixed model production environments

Supporting lean practitioners with services for training, deployment and strategic projects

Get 10X more Value from your Improvement events

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“With the new eVSM Mix software, we can build mixed model maps to capture variations in process flow, cycle time and other critical process parameters for the product family.  This allows us to use real demand scenarios to [see or quantify] the impact on the entire value stream in terms of resource capacity, lead time and line balance. The Mix capability is the greatest thing to happen to value stream mapping since the original eVSM software.”

Brad Campling
Co-managing partner at Stream Inc.


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"With the use of the eVSM software, my productivity in developing process maps and value stream maps has increased 10x..."

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Dave Levine Operational Excellence Leader

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