eVSM License Transfer

License Transfer Policy

The eVSM license is hardware locked, so each purchased license can be run only on the PC it is activated on. You can transfer the license to another PC and/or another user.


  1. Only a registered (previously activated) license can be transferred.
  2. Academic licenses and other time-limited licenses cannot be transferred.
  3. Licenses cannot be transferred from one company to another or from a company to a private user.
  4. eVSM v4 and older versions are no longer supported.
  5. eLeanor licenses are NOT transferrable. Unlike eVSM licenses, eLeanor license is locked to a user

License Transfer Process

eVSM v9 and later releases use a different licensing mechanism to older versions. Make your selection here:

                                 Transfer eVSM v9 or Newer License                            Transfer eVSM v8 or Older License

If you are unsure about the eVSM version you have, please Email your product key to support@evsm.com and request your license details.

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