Peter Jahn - Owner and Senior Consultant at Rawstuff

Owner & Senior Consultant at Rawstuff

Co-Founder & Director at QRM Institute Danmark


How do we know Peter?

Peter contacted us when he started his consulting group, Rawstuff, over a decade ago.  He has become a distributor of the software, sets up training courses for eVSM in Europe and has guided much of the development over the years.  He is pragmatic and has experience in different types of improvement initiatives and methodologies.  Peter is never afraid to try new things or mix methodologies in solving a client’s problem.  He has become a great friend and does a lot of work in QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing) as a director of QRM Europe.

Peter's Background & Services

Peter has over 20 years of national and international experience in production management, project management and product development for medium and large companies, supplemented with 10 years of experience as management consultant in quality management, Lean, Demand Flow Technology and latest QRM. Trained in the QRM concept of Rajan Suri at the QRM Center in Madison, WI and QRM Certified.  Peter is part of the European QRM Institute, which consists of QRM experts from all over Europe.  The purpose of the Institute is to develop and promote Quick Response Manufacturing, to establish knowledge sharing between national borders and to carry out pan-European projects.

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