eVSM Examples : Healthcare Maps


Quick Healthcare is one of eVSM’s Quick Stencils and supports value stream mapping for healthcare. It includes concepts of divergent flow, shared resources across activities, resource balancing charts, and activity based costing.

Ex 1: Total Time

Your system has logged the time when a patient arrives through to when discharged. Can you calculate how long it takes from when a patient arrives to discharge?


Ex 2: Complete & Accurate

We have a quality issue with the patient flow. Can we pin-point the problem area?


Ex 3: Excess Capacity

We have hold-ups in several places because we are always short-staffed. Do we have any excess resources we might re-deploy?


Ex 4: Resource Estimation

We are dealing with around 150 patients per day in ER 7x24. How many full-time nurses, administrators, and personal care assistants do we need per day?


Ex 5: Handling Variation

There is a lot of variation in the number of patients per day and also in the Triage turnaround time. How can you handle this on a VSM?


Ex : Emergency Department


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