Why Use eVSM for Continuous Improvement?

eVSM is used by 15,000+ lean practitioners, here’s why:

eVSM is Process-Centric

eVSM supports the whole continuous improvement process.

It's Standard Work for VSM

eVSM was designed from the outset to complement the Shingo prize-winning workbooks from the Lean Enterprise Institute.

Mapping in eVSM is individually optimized for each map type:

Manufacturing Processing Transactional Enterprise Healthcare

It's Easy to Get Started

Get started easily individually or as a team:

Free Webinar User Guides Classroom Training

Mistake-Proofing and Automation Built-In

4x mapping speed and quantified improvements for each map type with a well designed set of icons, variables, macro shapes, equations and charts.

Complete icon set Standard Variables Macro Shapes Built-In Equations Built-In Charts

Built-In LEAN Visuals Guide Improvements


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