What is eVSM?

The eVSM Software is built on Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Excel and is widely used by lean practitioners worldwide to draw and analyze value stream maps for manufacturing, office, healthcare, and supply network operations. Our software is used by clients large and small, worldwide.  

The eVSM Software is the easiest way to draw, analyze, and share value stream maps.

eVSM is Process-Centric

eVSM was designed to be a full lean toolkit that complements and supports your work through the entire continuous improvement cycle. Built-in automation helps you capture your value streams digitally, then analyze key metrics, and helps you manage and evaluate improvement ideas.

value stream mapping and the continuous improvement cycle, how to capture a wall map

eVSM supports the whole continuous improvement cycle


It's Standard Work for VSM

Mapping in eVSM is individually tailored to different industries via standardized stencils, with a common architecture across the tool. These stencils provide a common vocabulary for improvement that everyone in your organization can understand.

Quick Manufacturing - Plant level value stream mapping for discrete parts and assemblies using eVSM software programs Value stream map capture and Digital value stream mapping for the food and chemical process industries Value Stream Capture and transactional value stream mapping for office, service and healthcare industries Electronic Value stream mapping for supply network design and management Value stream capture and value stream mapping for the healthcare industry
Manufacturing Processing Transactional Supply Network Healthcare

eVSM now supports Mixed Model mapping, so you can model your processes without having to manually account for product mix.  Learn more about Mix.



It's Easy to Get Started

Value stream mapping, Value stream capture and continuous improvement for any type of industry Get started easily individually or as a team:

Free webinar to learn how to capture wall maps to create digital value stream maps easy user guides to learn value stream mapping, eLeanor online learning for value stream mapping Digital value stream map training, classes, and seminars, individual or group
Free Webinar On-line Learning 
and Certification
Classroom Training


Mistake-Proofing and Automation - Built-In

4x mapping speed and quantified improvements for each map type with a well-designed, complete drawing enviornment.

Digital value stream mapping and continuous improvement software with built in automation for any type of industry Digital VSM for any type of value stream mapping Digital Value stream mapping with  icons, variables, macro shapes, equations and charts Electronic value stream mapping with built in equations  Digital Value stream mapping with  icons, variables, macro shapes, equations and charts
Complete icon set Standard Variables Data Exhange (Excel) Built-In Equations Built-In Charts


Map Your Improvements in eVSM

Listing improvement ideas is easy to do right on your map, with data-rich Problem and Improvement Idea shapes. You can prioritize issues right in eVSM, or export to Excel.


Built-In LEAN Visuals Guide Improvements


digital value stream mapping with built in lean visuals for continuous improvement

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